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Elevated Concrete Floor

construction photography by Tom Raffelt New England Studio

ELEVATED CONCRETE FLOOR: At construction site in Essex MA by North Atlantic Concrete for a new Fire Station. Tom Raffelt elevated the drone approximately 30 feet for this photo of the concrete floor. The flooring on top you see is where the Fire Trucks will be parked. This construction photography is to be used on…

Construction Photography

construction photography new england

This one year project in Peabody MA consisted of our construction photography to follow the entire project. The addition is a 3 story fitness building adjoining the North Shore Mall which is detailed in this Boston Globe article. We travel frequently at New England Studio, going wherever the jobsite may be. We offer photography and…

Construction Photography Video

Construction Video: This Construction Video was made for North Atlantic Concrete and is a trailer for their YouTube video page.We have done construction photography for them a few years now and produce web updates and videos for training purposes and their website.We are drone certified and have logged many hours for North Atlantic Concrete.