Bush Mansion

The Bush Mansion in Marlborough NH was used for a quick little intro clip for an opening to a longer video. The historical significance of this property is as follows:

Windacre By The Mountain
In 1913, Woodrow Wilson signed into law US Federal Income Tax (1% rate) and a Samuel Dacre Bush (known by S. Dacre Bush) acquired a magnificent 1876 New Hampshire Farmhouse, which would become the Homestead of the “Bush Mansion”. Although S. Dacre Bush made his fortune as a cotton merchant, he was equally well known as a patron of the arts and an adept gambler. Often, he would enjoy an evening of cards with friends cheering his good luck with “Win Dacre, Win”! Hence the name Windacre. Mr. Bush frequently hosted notable American painters at his Maine (“Windacre by the Sea“) and New Hampshire (“Windacre by the Mountain“) estates: