Headshots for Business

Business Headshot New England Studio Keene NH

Business Headshots for Keene NH and all of New England. We typically take plenty of photos to choose from then retouch the finished file(s) so you look your very best. Our Headshot Page gives plenty of examples to see what different clothing may look like. We also provide a low resolution digital file to upload…

Real Estate Drone Photo

real estate photography nh

This is a perfect example of a good drone real estate photo. The drone does not need to be 100 feet in the air looking straight down. Most of my drone photos for real estate purposes are between 20-40 high. FAA allows a 400 foot ceiling but I rarely see a need for this. David…

Construction Photography

construction photography new england

This one year project in Peabody MA consisted of our construction photography to follow the entire project. The addition is a 3 story fitness building adjoining the North Shore Mall which is detailed in this Boston Globe article. We travel frequently at New England Studio, going wherever the jobsite may be. We offer photography and…

Construction Photography Video

Construction Video: This Construction Video was made for North Atlantic Concrete and is a trailer for their YouTube video page.We have done construction photography for them a few years now and produce web updates and videos for training purposes and their website.We are drone certified and have logged many hours for North Atlantic Concrete.

Product Photography

product photography

How we photographed this product. BLUE PLEXIGLASS: ► We photographed this product on blue plexiglass.► Lighting predominantly from one side to cast some shadow.► Darkened left side for text.► Retouched the living heck out of this to remove the dust that accumulates on the plexi. Since the web page for this company is predominantly blue,…